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Why choose AcerLogic?

AcerLogic Educational Services, LLC is founded on the underlying principle that education is the key to opportunity: opportunity to realize one's dreams, passions and potential. Our mission at AcerLogic is to foster the realization of this principle among our students through dedicated and informed professionals applying AcerLogic's proven methods designed to give each student a competitive edge and open the door to their success.

College Admission

Each year, parents and students are left dumbfounded by seemingly inexplicable rejections from the colleges of their choice. The culprit? ...an incorrect approach to the admission process.

Whether justly or not, the role a parent plays in the admission process is often critical to success. To make your child competitive, you must provide the very best advice, and there is simply no better resource than AcerLogic's Admission Counseling services.

While parents can provide anecdotal advice or guidance, unless they have years of admission assistance experience, their input will necessarily be impressionistic and subjective. Choosing a school that is right for a particular student goes beyond rankings, prestige and location. Transforming a mediocre application into a self-marketing masterpiece requires a comprehensive knowledge of admission committee preferences and common applicant mistakes. Simply preparing to apply to a number of different schools requires, planning, organization and perseverance, particularly because many schools will have conflicting deadlines.

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